These gloves are perfect for cold weather texting or to wear in the subzero offices. They keep your hands warm while you text or work on the computer. 

SnowflakeFingerless Gloves

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  • Our fingerless gloves are made from 74% pre-consumer recycled cotton, giving you a super soft  feel. They are also perfect for cooler offices and keep your hands warm as you work on the computer or make phone calls. All of our knit goods are made in the USA, using 100% eco-conscious materials. Everything is preshrunk, allowing you to machine wash and dry without worry.

    One size. 75% Recycled Cotton/20% Polyester/5% Other.

    This Brands is "Green 3" which is built on a personal philosophy of honesty, environmental awareness, love of family, and a sense of childlike wonder that no one should ever outgrow. Green 3 is located in the beautiful rural Midwest of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Green 3 promises to always embody this spirit of individualism, and seeks to only compliment and reflect the inner style that all of us possess.